This week we switched groups. Now working on ‘Cimexia’ (Ant World) with Emma, Hristo and Katie. Below is a presentation I made for our first group meeting the following day. I wanted to get research out of the way fast so we could start painting. It highlights our task for next week, our new world outline, alongside research images and ideas for art styles.

NB. The first five slides are the elements we focused on and the nature documentary genre was left behind.



We recognized a Western narrative from previous groups. For accurate illustrations of the world’s narrative in concept art, Western film language was analysed and deconstructed. The genre uses unique shot combinations and framing for specific themes (see presentation below) that originate from Western films. Film language necessary for us at this stage; camera framing, composition, mise-en-scene, location, cinematography.

I enjoy analyzing and explaining film techniques so I created this deconstruction of Western film language below for the group to use as framing reference for their concept art (and eventually the storyboard/animatic).



Paul Lasaine – We recalled in Week Five one of the artists referenced in class was Paul Lasaine (below) and how his oil paint style was similar to Emma’s digital painting style. We noted her art would suit this rocky/dusty landscape as shown in her previous work. His concept art of ‘Prince of Egypt’ (dir. Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells, 1998) depicted a similar scorched landscape.

Emma also directed us to free brush presets that were similar to those she uses to create her landscape pieces. Very useful.

Journey (2012 Video Game) – Another desert landscape (below), I found gorgeous composition inspiration for the situation of the Hive (ant colony). Presenting it as a transcending, unreachable object compared to the human below. From reading blog posts by people who worked on this world before and from others I noticed ‘Journey’ has been a consistent source of art reference among our class. It is a beautiful game, so no surprise there.



For our concept art we used the Western convention ‘Panoramic Shot’. Other framing conventions were applied heavily in the animatic.


(above) Initial practice piece for our second meeting to outline a colour palette for sky and ground. For the task and the ‘Space Western’-esque themes we decided upon an alien green sky and a contrasting red earth tone for cliffs, buttes, etc. There is a visual conflict through colour in the landscape mimicking the narrative conflict between the ants and humans.

21:9 Aspect Ratio – Ultra Wide Panoramic Western Shot



I drew the initial sketch. It included – composition, framing, mise-en-scene, lighting. It was then passed through the group for each to do different stages; tonal (Katie), lighting/texture (Hristo), colour/style (Emma) to create a final concept art piece.




This week I felt inspired. Sadly, my work in the last group was a personal low I never want to visit again, so I took the disappointment in my stride this week and tried anew. Genuinely, I am beginning to realize the benefits of working as a group. It is not that difficult to create something everyone is proud of as a team if you become involved.

Distinctly, I have stayed away from landscapes and focused on character concepts this semester, but this week I have developed an interest in painting wide shots. Hope this good stuff continues.

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