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The group organized shots on hardest to easiest. Therefore someone could do more simple shots or fewer difficult ones.

Shot 1 movement/scene assembly sketch;


I animated Shot 8;


Dusty washing window with his sponge. – 4 secs, frames 385-480

Shadow of Trev extending falls over Dusty’s back.

Dusty stops washing window, turns around to look at Trev with surprised/shocked expression. Sponge falls out of hand when he notices Trev.

And Shot 16;

ANIMATION 2ELS of Dusty and Trev leaning against each other, suspended in mid-air on ladders/lift.

Bird begins to fly across the sky from the nest.Legs outstretched. Bird struggles to fly (moves up and down a lot) because big body, small wings. Driving the action with its head as it urges itself forward. – 8 secs, frames 925-1,116

Bird lifts head up, squawks above Dusty and Trev. Bird poops on Dusty and Trev (use squash and stretch to exaggerate the bird pooing).

Both characters fall.

Bird continues to fly across the sky.


I edited the grain on the shots in post.

It worked to an extent – I was wary because the more passes you put the clip through, the blurrier the image. However, the filter took away the majority of the grain on lower passes and allowed me to focus it on the shadows;


The short obviously went on a bit longer than expected. As we progressed we thought it better to extend actions for a clearer story instead of squeezing too much in 30ish seconds. In hindsight, the initial suggestion of a simplicity at the beginning of the project seems a lot sweeter by production stage. On a technical note, there were some continuity errors with materials and a couple of shot sequences that we noticed at the end – but deadlines. Overall, I am pleased with the product of our weeks of work, and very proud of my group for what we have accomplished while, at times, challenging our own weaknesses throughout. Well done guys, see you next year.


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